TEFL Certified Jobs: How To Teach Abroad Without A Bachelor’s Degree


TEFL is the acronym which means Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and it is usually mandatory to possess a TEFL certificate to teach ESL. However, you might be able to get a teaching job abroad without a TEFL certification. if you have experience.

“TEFL” stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or simply, English language instruction for non-native speakers. Also known as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), English Language Teaching (ELT), and teaching ESL (English as a Second Language).

Find out some step by step process on how to Get TEFL Certified. A little less talk, and a lot more TEFL. Most, especially, deciding if TEFL is worth it, or not an online tefl certificate is worth it, is totally up to you.

In order to get TEFL certified, on the average, on-site courses at home may cost between $900 and $2,000. Apparently, you may start saving money ahead, getting your TEFL certification at home may probably not be an ideal atmosphere if you want to teach in a particular country.

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Do You Need A Degree To Be TEFL Certified?

Most schools all over the world will hire you to teach English abroad without a college degree provided you have a TEFL certification from an accredited program. There are various destinations throughout South America and Europe and Asia that will hire you to teach English abroad without a bachelor’s degree.

How long it takes to complete a TEFL course is not to worry about. You have about six months to complete a TEFL course depending on how many study hours is designed in your course. On the average, students complete the recommended 120 hours within 10-12 weeks.

How Much You Can Make With TEFL

Dubai has made a big impact in the world of TEFL teaching and has fast made its way to being the highest paying TEFL employers in the world, more than the wages and teaching packages of west Asia. TEFL teachers in Dubai can earn a big tax-free wage of about US$3,000 to US$5,000 per month.


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