Easiest Ways To Get The Canada Study Permit


Easiest Ways To Get The Canada Study Permit. To get your Canada study permit easily, follow the steps below to be properly guided.

The study permit enables one to be able to study in Canada but before that you must apply for a student visa so as to be able to live in Canada and this begins when you have received your admission letter from any university in Canada.

Steps taken To Get The Study Permit

1. The first step you have to follow to get your study permit is that you must first get your documents ready and this documents include: your confirmation of medical examination,acceptance letter, language test proof, tuition fee proof, guaranteed investment certificate proof etc. If you have these document set, then apply online with a fee of CAD 150.

2. The second step to follow is checking your eligibility criteria which involves you showing your financial status to cover all your expenses while in the country, medical examination proof, criminal record check, proof to show that you will return to your country after completing the program, an explanation letter stating the reason to pursue the particular program you have selected.

3. Having set your documents aside and checking your eligibility, then you have to apply online by.,

  • creating an account on the Canadian government’s website
  • Provide your background details and program admitted into.
  • Check for email messages which will come with your password and login details
  • Upload all necessary documents upon your login
  • Pay your visa fee
  • Submit your application
  • Track your application

4. The fourth step is to wait patiently while your application is been processed. The time for the processing cannot be stated as some factors can hinder it though it takes about 5 weeks for the processing to take place.

5. The first step is for you to get your Guaranteed Investment Certificate and this document is submitted to enable you get you study permit

6. The sixth step is getting your medical examination certificate which enables the Canadian government ascertain that you are very strong health wise and can cope during your stay in the country. The medical test will be conducted a month after your application has been submitted and your results will be sent to the embassy


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